The objective of the 1st Sherbrooke Mural Art Symposium was to create, during the course of the event, 10 new murals composed of a variety of mural and artistic creations. They have been created on site by artists of local, national, and international renown. During this event was also held several large public animations such as exhibitions, and activities of chalk art and mural art to which younger and older fans alike were invited to participate. The Sherbrooke Mural Art Symposium will have given visitors, and even citizens of Sherbrooke, the opportunity to discover and rediscover the emblematic sites of the city and to admire these public artworks. This 1st Sherbrooke Mural Art Symposium has thus allowed the city of Sherbrooke to define itself as a reference for mural art in the province of Quebec. The artists, and even the cultural professionals, will have made this form of festival their own.

Mural artists
Adèle Blais

Adele Blais is born in Montreal in 1976 from a nonconformist single-parent mother. One year after her birth, they move in Sherbrooke where she will spend her entire childhood and teenage
years. Young, she lived in an eccentric environment where creativity in all its forms was celebrated and encouraged.
With her paintings, Adele Blais expresses her everyday life, plus-->

and her human relationships. Her unique style, described by a New York critic as ‘’Neo Pop Happy’’, matches several superimposed layers of acrylic paint with texture having montages, little pieces of texts and
black outlines. These characteristics give to the paintings their recognizable style. The result is an assembled puzzle; the black spaces created by the lines are the vestige of the separation that
is still however always possible. When her characters are not clothes and skin undressed, they are dressed with blazing and theatrical costumes.
She sold her paintings to collectors and buyers from Quebec and Canada, as well as people from Brasil, the United States and Europe. She is now represented in two art galleries, the Espace 40
gallery in Montreal and Bromont’s Galerie Arteria. She exposed her works in Montreal and in Sherbrooke, but also in New York, Toronto and Miami. Throughout her career, the artist produced many orders for private collectors, as well as frescos for businesses of Montreal.

Charlie Johnston

Charles Johnston, also known as ‘’C5’’, is a painter, a sculptor and a muralist. He has been creating his public realisations for more than 25 years.

Before becoming C5, Charles started his path as an artist in the Interlake region in Manitoba, as a young illustrator and sculptor in the fantastic art, cartoons, and portrait fields. He studied Fines Arts in Winnipeg, where he broadened his horizons and developed hisplus-->

own style. It was then that he became ‘’C5’’ and started to integrate a wide variety of patterns, materials and stylistic concepts in order to transform them in a new shape.  Thus, he starts to express the new shape in a series of monumental murals and sculptures in Winnipeg. Since then, his projects have become reality across Canada and in the United States.

From the mural and the wolves’ sculptures of 10-storey building high in the Nordic community of Thompson to the peanut farmer mural of 100 feet high on a South Georgia silo, Charles became an icon creator.

During this major development, Charles never stopped to work on themes of his own like irony and self-fulfilment, while collaborating with communities in order to create with them broader visions. The realisation of many conceptual and simultaneous projects allowed C5 to feed each creative action with a semblance of freshness and vitality. This knowledge and artistic ideas exchange then evolved in something else. His knowledge in mural art, in graphic signs writing, in sculpture casting, in cartoons, and in numeric and traditional arts were putted together this way in his role as a Canadian artist.

Gene Pendon

Gene Pendon works and lives in Montreal. He is also known as Gene Starship.

He started drawing and painting at a very young age. He was also influenced by hip hop, and popular and urban culture. This has led him to his first projects as an artistic director for films and videos, as well as for graphic arts, fine arts and frescos>

He is the co-founder of the production company Heavyweigh (, managed from Montreal and Los Angeles. This production company is an artistic creation company that has interest in arts, music and artistic events.

He is also the co-founder of the Heavyweigh Art Intallation, a painting creation project with live audiences made in collaboration with Tyler Gibney and Dan Buller. For this work, music, paintings and arts installations inspired from urban culture are made in public. This project made a world tour which brought it to Canada, the United States, England, Japan, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Puerto Rico.

He was also president, with other artists, of many of graffiti and urban art projects, which involved The Barnstormers, Doze Green, Fafi, Dave Kinsey, David Chœ, Sheppard Fairey, Date Farmers, Maya Hayuk, El Mac and The London Police.

Julien Seth Malland

Seth started to paint with bombs in the mid-90s’; he represented characters most of the time. Since 2013, he began to travel the world in order to discover new cultures and exchange with other artists. His experiences will allow him to discover new perspectives and make his style change with time. He shares with others his journeys in his work by combining the travel diary spirit and urban>

He paints simple characters, often childish ones, connected in one way or another to the chaotic environments in which they are represented. Because he is witnessing the globalization consequences, he celebrates in his works traditions, which then create a cultural hybridity between the modern expression technique and the traditional representation.  Whether it is about collaborating with local urban artists or learning traditional techniques with artisans, his approach has for goal to spark an artistic dialog.

Seth, whose real name is Julien Malland, is an illustrator, the director of Wasted Talent book house, as well as the presenter and author of the Globe-Painter documentaries of Canal+ Les Nouveaux Explorateurs. In 2013, the FLEURY LES AUBRAIS mural known as ‘’La croisière noire’’, which was designed by Julien Seth Malland, is awarded PINCEAU D’OR by the website   trompe-l-œ

Steffen Junemann

It was in 2007 that Steffen started his career as an artist and muralist specialized in the trompe-l’oeil style. He also moved in a large studio in Munster, Germany. Since 2012, Steffen is the founder and artistic project director of the international project Walls of Fairy Tales in Germany and elsewhere.

Since 2000, he worked during seven years in partnership with John Pugh in California and elsewhere in the United States. plus-->

He also worked full-time for TOOLS Communication Development GmbH as a graphic designer which main work focussed on artistic management and 3D design. He was also president of Creative Connection Civil Law Association.

Steffen offers to present, through optional workshops, his incredible talents in the trompe-l’oeil style to small groups. This presentation called Mystery and intrigue of making a trompe-l’oeil, shows the step by step process of a trompe-l’oeil work creation, as well as the needed materials and techniques used in order to make a mural.

Ultra Nan

Did any of you have the opportunity to see Ultra NAN? It is possible to find the comic character on reused small planks on some of Sherbrooke city center walls. As graffiti, those works are public until they are vandalized or stolen by admirers.

Its creator, who does not wish his identity revealed in order to leave room for his small friend, is a humanist. Ultra NAN is, in a way, his alter ego. As a good columnist, he illustrates our era’s concernsplus-->

like overconsumption, deprivation of water resources, war, the human soul and social concerns such as politic and environment ones. It is possible to recognize ourselves in his humanity, in his torments, in his sorrows and joys, in his generosity and in his madness. It is probably is minimalist side which makes him so world-wide.

Did any of you have the opportunity to see Ultra NAN? It is possible to find the comic character on reused small planks on some of Sherbrooke city center walls. As graffiti, those works are public until they are vandalized or stolen by admirers.

Its creator, who does not wish his identity revealed in order to leave room for his small friend, is a humanist. Ultra NAN is, in a way, his alter ego. As a good columnist, he illustrates our era’s concerns like overconsumption, deprivation of water resources, war, the human soul and social concerns such as politic and environment ones. It is possible to recognize ourselves in his humanity, in his torments, in his sorrows and joys, in his generosity and in his madness. It is probably is minimalist side which makes him so world-wide.

Hassane Amraoui

Hassane Amraoui the man, the artist, the spiritual and mysterious being like his Berber origin. He is native of Tifrene in the Aures area in Algeria. His inspiration comes from the Aures and Tassili regions, where his Berber roots are established. Severe, austere, solitary and wild are characteristics of his region; therefore, he pays tribute to his roots by having an open-air exposition, open-air frescos on stones that can be as tall as 40 meters per 16 meters right in the middle of Aures. plus-->

For fifteen years in a row, Amraoui continues to give a prodigious art work with many expositions per year in Algeria, Paris and Tunis as well as in Gabon or in Canada.

His plastic approach shows thoughts from his childhood; Amraoui adopts new techniques of never-ending lines and interlaced threads, where he can create a proper architecture for each detail. His colors have shadow-earthed warm nuances.

He paints the desert, the Aures area, the mountains, the nomads, the blue men, the antique women, the first stone-walled drawings, the actual prehistoric world, the childhood without any artifice, war, peace, the wandering, friends, carnivorous or soft nights, poetry, family…

Dominique Desbiens & Bruno Rouyère

Cartoon artist and publisher in the 1990’s, Dominique Desbiens creates Amérisque editions and the Exil magazine, of which he published many titles. He designs some editorial pictures, posters, magazine covers, and music album covers as an illustrator. He produces at the same time a lot of indoor and outdoor frescos in many Montreal neighborhoods.  Since the early 2000’s, he devotes himself to personal painting works, which are part of Montreal actual art succession>

Over the last two decades, Bruno Rouyère is a cartoonist, a scriptwriter and a story teller. He created more than 400 comic pages and 700 illustrations for newspapers and magazines like for example Voir, Safarir, Croc… He creates, with the help of Ami Vaillancourt, his two first comic books at Glénat Québec, which are Kissinger et nous and Charlebois et l’osstidgang.

Both artists work together on many edition projects and on mural realisation projects.


Éric Godin

Eric Godin is a paintor, a sculptor, an illustrator, and an author. His works have been displayed all around the world and are part of many private and public collections in Quebec, in the United States and in Europe.

He is well-known because of many collaborations with, for example, the weekly Voir, TVA, Radio Canada – CBC , L’actualité, La Presse, the NFB, etc. Since his beginning in 1984, he designed numerous posters, illustrations and memorable graphic conceptions for Le tour de l’île de Montréal, le Théâtre d’aujourd’hui, la Fête Nationale plus-->

du Québec, Bell, Hydro-Québec, etc.

His four-haired character, Pinhead, which he drew in the Montreal weekly Voir from 1987 to 1999, can be found for the last year in the L’itinéraire pages.  It had the chance to have, for its fifteen years, a retrospective at the Juste pour rire Museum in 2001. The McCord Museum, the  Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec et Ottawa National Archives have together more than 2000 original works in their collections.

He wrote and did the narration of the interactive essay Lettre à Vincent, which was translated into sounds and images by Zilon and produced by the NFB in 2011.

Since 2013, he wrote and illustrated the book series for children  Les Beurgz, which was published by La courte échelle editions.

He is represented by the Roccia gallery of Montreal. Eric Godin will display there from December 2nd to February 1st, 2015. He will also present his creations at Université de Sherbrooke’s art gallery in March and April 2015.

MURIRS, les murales de Sherbrooke

M.U.R.I.R.S. (which stands for Urban Murals for the Revitalization of Buildings and Social Reconciliation), a non-profit organization which has as mission to promote the area valorization by making mural works and by favouring social rapprochement, is created in 1999.

M.U.R.I.R.S. produced, during its first phase, an outdoor mural trail which highlights the specific character of the places where the murals are and their>

There is a desire to insert these architectural works in everyday life; this shows tribute to older generations and current artists. We find all this in a touristic trail which accentuates arts, as well as Sherbrooke’s history and culture.

The collective project of M.U.R.I.R.S.  is in accordance with sociocultural and touristic aspects of Sherbrooke’s community; it was conceived and made by and for citizens, in all its longevity and with a desire to recover our roots idea. The artistic role of these murals is to stimulate a public space reclaiming on pedestrians. This way, pedestrians are reconciled with their history; the mural trail is an awareness tool and an open door on the region culture.

The murals are accessible to all 24 hours per day, 365 days per year as uninterrupted attractions.  Indeed, it promotes Sherbrooke as destination marketing. This city is the queen city of the Eastern Townships, the queen city of mural art in the province of Quebec, and finally  a place of art history and culture.

Photo galery


Video galery
Graff Performance / Graff Multi-VIsuel

IMPAIR Community/ FTM Performance

This group is a many artists community from the graffiti and street art fields. Its main goal is to create bold and colored visual works that have strong messages in the private and public sector, in the forms of murals, performances, orders. The group has specialists of various fields, like for example illustrators, graphic designers, tattoo artists, painters, cultural officers, and sociologists.

Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing by Tricot-Thé Serré

Come and admire Yarnbombing urban works that will ornament some decoration aspects on site.

Tricot-Thé Serré is a boutique that sells wool and many knitting accessories in Sherbrooke since March 2011. Much more than a little usual shop, it is a pleasant and welcoming place where it is possible to live your passion for wool arts. The knitting room is always available and the diversity of products obtainable (wool, tea, buttons, ribbons, pearls, gift idea, Quebec art and craft…),plus-->

as well as workshops and many project or group activities offered will help you develop your creativity and who knows, maybe great friendships too!

La Branche Artisanale

Éric Guay / La branche Artisanale

La Branche Artisanale was created in Sherbrooke in 1992 as a made from wood decoration business. The goal of the business is people amazement, young ones as well as older ones. The founder, Eric Guay, born in 1973, is horticulture and spirituality passionate. The creator tells us his process: ‘’ I taught myself to knit branches, starting with wreaths, baskets, furniture and now I interest myself in all kind of characters. I also work on popular themesplus-->

like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings, etc.  I am a meticulous person; therefore I also do landscaping because I am passionate about rocks and everything related with nature. I create and maintain customised happiness oasis, from rocky grounds to hedging cedars. Glance has nothing to do with flashy. I do prefer harmony and simplicity without being afraid of complexity. Each work is a challenge that I face successfully. ‘’

Loria Création

Nadia Loria Legris / sand Mandala

Established in the Eastern Townships since the 1990s, Nadia Loria Legris started her career in community based and public education centers. Her encounter with mandala art changed her path; she then concentrated herself to fulltime creation. Multidisciplinary artist, she creates and arranges shapes, gestures, or objects in order to put emphasis on the harmony and the symmetry created by mandalas. Her works, sometimes digital, sometimes sculptural, interpersonal, or participative, promote the internal meeting as well as the larger than space contact.  

Chalk it Out

from august 14 to 16 / 10h00 to 13h00

Whether you are professional artist or occasional doodler, let loose your imagination and come spread color and joy! Take part in this collective piece of art that will define itself over the days, as people trace it. Come share some good times with us and be part of the fun!


Monster Hunt

saturday, august 16 / 13h00

Armed with good humour, bring your family to the monster hunt! Make sure to sharpen your senses, because we will need your flair and enthusiasm for this mission of great importance! Do not miss this unique opportunity to participate; 3 prizes from MISS JUJUBE will be drawn among the participants,

Fence Weaving

Laurence Martin-Ouellet, Artist

With great talent, patience and application our dear Laurence will loom, spin and twill, on the bridge by the water. Behind her she will leave a colourful canvas that will animate the area! Make sure to come share a smile and see her at work during the symposium!

Face painting

Tichou & Mimi Papillon

Join the festive atmosphere and bring your kids to have Tichou and Mimi papillon exercise their brilliant makeup skills. Our face painting artists will add a touch of fantasy to your day and paint a smile on the face of people going by.


August 14−16, 2014

1st Sherbrooke Mural Art Symposium
At the Marché de la Gare
3-day symposium on mural art

  • Live creation of 10 murals of various styles
    by local, national and international artists
  • Prize awarded for the public’s favourite mural
  • Urban art performances
  • Tent exhibit featuring artwork by regional painters
  • Interactive activities open to the general public

The complete program will be available soon



Monday, August 11 : 9h00 à 13h0013h00 à 17h0017h00 à 21h00
Tuesday, August 12 : 9h00 à 13h0013h00 à 17h0017h00 à 21h00
Wednesday, August 13 : 9h00 à 13h0013h00 à 17h0017h00 à 21h00
Thursday, August 14 : 9h00 à 13h0013h00 à 17h0017h00 à 21h00
Friday, August 15 : 9h00 à 13h0013h00 à 17h0017h00 à 21h00
Saturday, August 16 : 9h00 à 13h0013h00 à 17h0017h00 à 21h00
Sunday, August 17 :9h00 à 13h0013h00 à 17h0017h00 à 21h00