Born from its passion for the city of Sherbooke, the organization M.U.R.I.R.S. (Murales Urbaines à Revitalisation d’Immeubles et de Réconciliation Sociale) was created in 1999.

 Its mission: to promote and value the built environment in creating murals, thus encouraging social, artistic, historic and cultural solidarity in strictly non-profit activities.

Specifically, the aim is to improve the urban decor by means of creating murals on the façade of buildings, thus developing a mural tour that animates the streets and enhances their character. The murals illustrate all of Sherbrooke’s historic and cultural wealth through time by introducing these urban works in everyday life.

The Sherbrooke Bicentennial was the springboard for MURIRS’s first mural. Today, Sherbrooke exhibits more than 15 murals that, along with more or less 50 public artworks, make the queen of the Eastern Townships an open-air art gallery.

MURIRS had renowned expertise on a national as well as global scale. Its affiliation to Global Mural Arts and Cultural Tourism Association is evidence.

In 2013, with the creation of a Canada-wide collaborative and unique mural during the summer Canada games – Sherbrooke 2013, the organization has entered a new development phase which will bring diversity and improvement to its pre-established historical tour and will allow for an elaboration of various projects to enhance the artistic value of Sherbrooke’s murals.


  • Urban murals: Historical architectural murals aim for revitalization, social reconciliation, and tourist attraction to specific city neighbourhoods.
  • Murals for individuals (children and adults): Creation of various atmospheric murals. Artistic murals are created according to the tastes of the client, for residential or for private or public businesses.
  • Commercial murals: These types of murals are made in the image of all sorts of businesses and companies, with their products or services (restaurants, daycare centers, fitness centers, etc…).
  • Decorative murals: Architectural ornamental murals. Decorative themes are created in the workshop and murals are affixed to interior or exterior walls, for private or commercial clients.



  • Micro-programme in mural art at the Cégep de Sherbrooke. NEW!

For more information: http://cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca/fr/adultes/microprogrammes/art-mural

  • Information, PowerPoint presentation, overview of mural art history
  • Introduction and training in applied techniques
  • Technical support for accomplishing your projects
  • Joint creation between MURIRS and your artist group
  • Rental of the visioguide “Mémoire vive” on iPad. “Mémoire vive” is a patrimonial pedestrian tour autoguided by GPS and autonomous at the center of the city of Sherbrooke. iPads are available at the Sherbrooke Nature and Sciences Museum (225 Frontenac St., Sherbrooke, Québec, J1H 1K1. 819-564-3200) and at the Sherbrooke Historical Society (275 Dufferin St., Sherbrooke, Québec, J1H 4M5. 819-821-5406)
  • Guided tours. Contact the Sherbrooke Tourist Information Desk (785 King W St., Sherbrooke, Québec, J1H 1R8. 819-821-1919